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Janitorial Cleaning services keeping Portland businesses safe

Back to work, safe and disinfected with our 3-step Covid-19 system

We understand the need for businesses to get back to work. Covid-19 is something we’ve been ready for with our cleaning protocols as we started Shinelastic long before with the principle of deep cleaning as a means of keeping teams safe and productive. If you are a Portland business or facility who needs a modern and safe janitorial service to fight Covid-19 we’ve got you covered!

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Are you asking any of these questions?

Is my business being disinfected correctly and effectively?

How can I keep my business clean, safe, and operational?

Are the correct disinfectants being used to protect against COVID?

The solution is found in our 3-step process

Our Process


Clean – Deep cleaning comes first, and we have the right professional grade cleaners and degreasers to help.


Disinfect (disinfectants and sanitizers) – It is not just about the product, it’s how the products are used that can make the difference. We use EPA approved disinfectants that are effective against a lot of viruses especially COVID.


Maintain – Cleaning is not a one time event. The right maintenance schedule is needed to contribute to a clean and safe environment.

Portland’s Local Janitorial Experts

All of your facility cleaning needs under one roof. Whether partial or full service, we’re Portland’s cleaning experts! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! We make sure the job is done right and no extra charge

  • – Affordable
  • – Partial or full service
  • – Daily-Weekly-Montly-Custom
  • – Same or next day service
  • – Satisfaction Guaranteed

Window Cleaning

Your windows are the first look inside your business that most people notice. A building’s windows should always be bright, clear and streak free. Our systems make sure your windows are in optimal conditions each day.

  • -Remove dirt
  • -More light for better energy rates
  • -Strong impressions

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Floor Care

Beautiful floors are key for any building’s reputation and daily wear and tear can quickly take a toll on them. Our team focuses on daily cleaning and long-term maintenance simultaneously so that your facility is clean and sustainable.

  • -Eliminate dust and germs
  • -Protect floors
  • – Lasting shine

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Allergens trapped in your carpets can become a real problem for employees and guests alike. Let us remove them thoroughly with our in-depth cleaning systems.

  • – Reduce and remove allergens, dirt, bacteria
  • – Industry leading equipment
  • – Lasting impressions

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Restroom Cleaning and Maintenance

A business can do everything right and it can all go wrong with one bad bathroom visit. We partner with businesses and make sure their bathrooms are kept in pristine condition so guests and employees are continually impressed.

  • – Odor management and fresh smelling
  • – Consistently clean and safe
  • – Impress your teams and clients with attention to detail

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Garbage and Waste removal

Taking out the trash is key to a fresh smelling office and good impression.

  • – No bad smells
  • – No overflowing bags
  • – No embarrassing leftover stains, drips or wall splatter

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Work stations are host to some of the most germ and bacteria infected things that we interact with each day in our offices. Our technicians take extra care and make sure workstations are 100% clean and disinfected.

  • – Remove gunk and germs
  • – Dust screens and disinfect desks
  • – Maintain equipment
  • – Keep employees happy and safe

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Day Porter

For when your day to day needs a constant shine and upkeep, we offer our 5-star day porter services. Our training and culture will shine through as all of our staff work alongside your teams on a daily basis.

  • – Stay on top of disinfecting and safety
  • – Maintain a constant clean and shine in heavy traffic areas
  • – Cover the small details that most miss

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Who We Serve: Proud to serve Portland

Janitorial services in Portland for a wide variety of offices and facilities.

Our Team is our Excellence

Highly Skilled Cleaning Professionals in Portland

Our team is what really makes the difference. We take pride in our company culture of excellence and they take pride in your building as well. Our team has been trained in technical cleaning along with a gold standard of professionalism while they are on site. All Shinelastic, cleaning technicians/specialists have had a thorough background check and understand the safety and security of your business.

  • – Background Check
  • – Bonded and Insured
  • – Detail Oriented and thorough



We started to check the seemingly hidden areas. We took Suzanna's challenge and checked some of the most common tell tell areas of the office for how well they had been cleaned. We noticed the surface value cleaning and how many areas were covered in dust that we had overlooked but was always there

- Subin Xavier


- Subin Xavier

We started to check the seemingly hidden areas. We took Suzanna's challenge and checked some of the most common tell tell areas of the office for how well they had been cleaned. We noticed the surface value cleaning and how many areas were covered in dust that we had overlooked but was always there

Green Cleaning Services for Portland

At Shinelastic we are proud to offer green cleaning services to all of our clients. Our environmentally friendly green cleaning techniques and products leave your office with the same shine and deep clean. Many clients have team members or guests who may be allergic to certain chemicals and some simply do not want chemicals used in their space at all.

Check with us about our EPA certified green products today!

Not all cleaning is the same: We are CDC and Osha compliant

We often encounter new clients with old cleaning problems. In fact, many times clients are looking for more than cleaning. So what is the definition of cleaning and what else is there?

The term used for removing dirt, debris, dust and other common particles on surfaces. We do this by scrubbing, dusting, washing and rinsing.

When we reduce the number of germs and bacteria on a given surface to a safe level.

To disinfect means that we aim to kill all the germs, bacteria and viruses on a given surface so that there is no question.

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