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The difference is in the details

We started Shinelastic in 2017 as we saw an opportunity for a modern, quality driven, and locally owned commercial ​janitorial cleaning service in the Portland​ area. We noticed a lack of detailed and thorough work being done by old school competitors. We set out to build a cleaning service in Portland around two principles- Deep Cleaning and Disinfecting.

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We’re local and proud of it!

As one of Portland’s top ​janitorial cleaning services​, we take pride in our relationships with our customers. When working with Shinelastic you will never feel like you are working with a large corporation or franchise that doesn’t hear your needs. By supporting local businesses we hope
to continue an era of excellence within the Portland area. Come work with us and get the local touch that you may have been missing.

Testimonials from our Customers

Brighter than before

“It was halfway through the meeting. I noticed the client seemed to be slightly distracted almost to the point of being fidgety. I finally asked if something was wrong. She said, “No not really, I just thought I saw something moving under the desk over there but it’s a large ball of dust I guess”. Least to say, I was relieved but also embarrassed as we were just pitching them on the pride we have in all parts of our business. It felt like it was a reflection of our business even though it really wasn’t. But the reality was, we needed a better cleaning service and fast. We switched and I feel as confident as ever! – Local Portland Business Owner

“We used to have really bad stains on our walls behind the garbage cans in the office. We asked several times for our old janitorial services company to do a better job at cleaning these areas but it just never seemed to happen. Once we noticed this, we started to find other small things that were supposed to be taken care of but regularly neglected. When we started our search for a new ​janitorial service in Portland​, we got super lucky as the first company called was Shinelesatic and we loved Suzanna! She assured us that all of these small details were always covered and that the switch would be easy and fast. A year later, I have to say that I am super happy that we are working with Shinelastic and Suzanna’s team! – Local Portland Facilities Manager

“We started to check the seemingly hidden areas. We took Suzanna’s challenge and checked some of the most common tell tell areas of the office for how well they had been cleaned. We noticed the surface value cleaning and how many areas were covered in dust that we had overlooked but was always there”- Manager