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Portland’s Modern Janitorial Service​ Experts for first class impressions

Offices are a key selling point for both employees and clients on a daily basis. Clients expect to be wowed with your entire business and we like to do that with the fine details of our cleaning. We help you ensure employees know that their company is investing in basics like cleanliness
and health. Research shows that cleaner offices lead to more productive and happier teams and we want to support your business in its productivity.Feel like you’re walking into a brand new office everyday with our consistent and daily upkeep. Our expert cleaning technicians have been trained beyond the average ​janitorial service provider ​because we believe in the small details.
When looking for​ janitorial services in Portland​ for your office, be sure to get a quote from us. It just might surprise you!

Creating clean and safe learning environments Back to school safe and sound

Research shows that kids of all ages along with other guests and faculty keep quiet notes of facilities cleaning standards. We work with educational facilities to make sure that everyone attending feels safe, comfortable and proud.
The 2020 school year will be one for the books as we seek to protect students and staff on campuses around the country. At Shinelastic​ janitorial cleaning services​, we have always placed emphasis on the benefits of cleaning and well-being for our school partners. From day
cares all the way up to large multi-building campuses we provide comprehensive ​janitorial services​ as the first line of defense.

Organized, Clean and Compliant: No job is too big

Industrial spaces and manufacturing facilities have a unique set of challenges that requires an industrial grade cleaning strategy that matches cost, compliance, and employee safety.
Our industrial partners trust Shinelastic with their ​janitorial and commercial cleaning services because we are committed to quality at any scale. Highly efficient industrial locations place cleaning and safety protocols as a top standard. Our comprehensive 360 ​janitorial services in Portland​ are able to fulfil even the most demanding industrial needs.
We are:
Fully Equipped Experts in workflows Osha and CDC Compliant

Cleaning Services/Janitorial services in Portland​ that close sales

We take pride in creating work environments where your sales team members feel like Kings and Queens ready to conquer the day. A dealerships look and feel has always been a main driver of ROI. Back your team with shining floors, sanitized desks, and spotless bathrooms to keep confidence levels high. We understand the business of sparkle and shine and are committed to helping our dealership partners impress more clients and sell more cars. Our teams work through our comprehensive cleaning systems to make sure that whether the customer is on the sales floor or going to the bathroom, the dealership’s reputation and ability to sell based on quality of experience is upheld and enhanced.
Show your customers that you care and pay attention to the small details to give your dealership an edge against the competition with fine tuned cleaning services. Customers should feel like they are about to have an experience of a lifetime when walking onto the dealership floor. Shining floors, fresh smells in the air, and a new car that will enhance their life. Give your dealership an advantage today by partnering with the top ​janitorial cleaning service in Portland.

Strong cleaning for strong membership retention Stay Clean with the top ​janitorial services in Portland

We stay on top of your cleaning to prevent the spread of infections, diseases and viruses. Now more than ever, members are looking for safety ques to let them know their gym is a safe choice. We provide the backup that many fitness clubs in Portland need in order to fully operate their business at a high level of service in today’s environment.

Gym and health club bottom lines are deeply connected with the cleanliness of the facilities as members take note during each gym visit. Given that membership retention is a key metric, keeping members happy and coming back is a primary goal. Gym goers commonly cite lack of cleanliness as a key factor for switching clubs or cancelling memberships. As ​janitorial service experts​ we have seen time and time again our customers coming to us saying that the previous cleaner was not thorough enough. The easy to spot surfaces are hardly what draws someone’s attention. Rather, it is the small spaces among equipment, bathrooms and other neglected spaces that lead people to switch because of lack of cleanliness. Let us serve your gym and make sure that your membership rates are steadily growing with increased customer satisfaction.

A clean retail outlet is the difference between customers who want to browse and stay in your store or restaurant having a direct impact on revenue. As people walk through stores and sit in restaurants they often pick up on subtle but important cleaning details. A clean space means the rest of the services are safe and of high quality. We work with retail partners of all types in order to keep their spaces immaculate and productive.

We provide all of the standard and premium cleaning services in Portland that any retail space will need. Reach out to speak with our owners today and find out how we can increase your business with our shine!

Cleanliness has always been at the heart of religious facilities. Worshippers gather in congregations and expect their place of worship to be spotless. At Shinelastic we take care and make sure that proper respect is given to the building and that the fine details are cleaned for the people who come. We believe in clean and safe worshipping environments.