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Portland Covid-19 Cleaning Services

Enhanced Protocols to safely reopen and stay open

Keep your teams protected and your business open. We are here to support your business with our specialized Covid-19 disinfecting protocols. When it comes to disinfecting and protecting against viruses, specialty methods are needed to truly wipe out the virus.
Making sure you’re using proven methods and best practices along with knowing the differences between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting. Our teams are equipped with the latest ULV Electrostatic spraying/fogging equipment with a 50 micron particle size. This is the leading standard for combating viruses in offices, schools, restaurants, cars and other facilities that need to be virus free.
Although the virus is dangerous, we still believe the chemicals and formulas that we use should be just as safe as they are powerful. Our formulations are free from chlorine and phosphates while having a 1-minute kill time for viruses and registered with the EPA.
Our ownership is here to walk with you and get your business back up and running. Call us today for a quote. Let us exceed your needs while meeting your budget and schedule. – Get a quote