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We provide all the janitorial and cleaning services you could possibly need for any facility here in Portland. This is not an exhaustive list, so please reach out and ask us about your specific needs.


Your windows are the first look inside your business that most people notice. A building’s windows should always be bright, clear and streak free.

– Remove dirt
– More light for better energy rates
– Strong impressions

Windows are not only big first impression makers but also can greatly impact your heating bills during the winter. By preventing dirt build up that negatively impacts energy rates, clean windows can also save your business money. Our window cleaning both protects and enhances the lifetime of your windows while creating a reflection that is guaranteed to wow. Although we don’t clean windows during the nastiest of weather, it is always recommended to clean windows during rainy seasons as it is not only water but dirt build up and other damaging effects that we make sure to avoid.


Beautiful floors are key for any building’s reputation and daily wear and tear can quickly take a toll on them.

– Eliminate dust and germs
– Protect floors
– Lasting shine

We start with a deep clean to remove all dirt and germs leaving only a shine behind. Whether hardwood, linoleum , concrete, stone or other surfaces, we have expertise in making sure they are gleaming each day. We stay on top of your floors with our day to day services and also customized to your specific needs. Your space is left flawless as we vacuum and mop all sides and corners, behind furniture and dust the baseboards as well. Inquire for our more extensive services like waxing and buffing.


Allergens trapped in your carpets can become a real problem for employees and guests alike. Our Hepa filter professional grade vacuums pull out all the dust particles and leave your carpets smooth and looking like day one. Be sure to ask our team about cleaning beyond daily vacuuming such as carpet cleaning for stains and overall carpet renewal with a deep clean.

– Reduce and remove allergens, dirt, bacteria
– Industry leading equipment
– Lasting impressions


​A business can do everything right and it can all go wrong with one bad bathroom visit. Countless surveys show that all business types are highly scrutinized by people especially when it comes to bathroom cleanliness. A spotless bathroom is a must have today for both customers and employees alike. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail and walk into a fresh smelling and comfortable bathroom every time. We wipe all walls, dust all light fixtures, polish dispensers and stainless steel along with perfectly streak free mirrors.

– Odor management and fresh smelling
– Consistently clean and safe
– Impress your teams and clients with attention to detail


​Taking out the trash is key to a fresh smelling office and good impression. Overfilled garbage left for too long or containers that have had leaks that lead to bad smells will find its way through the air to your customers and employees in a matter of hours. Our expert janitorial technicians monitor and care for your business beyond just grabbing a bag and quickly throwing it out.

– No bad smells
– No overflowing bags
– No embarrassing leftover stains, drips or wall splatter


Work stations are host to some of the most germ and bacteria infected things that we interact with each day in our offices. From telephones to keyboards and mouses, where fingers and hands have been regularly, these are the places we want to clean with extra detail.

A workstation also says a lot about us as individuals. A clean and tidy workspace shows organization and care that clients and other employees notice as they walk through any office. Our job is to make sure the fine details are taken care of and that employees are protected, clean and happy.

– Remove gunk and germs
– Dust screens and disinfect desks
– Maintain equipment
– Keep employees happy and safe


​For when your day to day needs a constant shine and upkeep, we offer our 5-star day porter services. Our day porters are highly qualified and take care of your high-traffic areas among other customizable needs that your business may have.

– Stay on top of disinfecting and safety
– Maintain a constant clean and shine in heavy traffic areas
– Cover the small details that most miss